How to maintain the eyelashes after applying?
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1.     After applying the BABIL eyelash extensions, actually it’s just like your own eyelash. You can make-up, wear the contact lenses, swimming etc activities, because the eyelashes are not touch the skin, so it’s rarely appear the allergic situation.

2.     The eyelash extensions must be keep clean and dry before applying to the eyes in order to avoid the allergy.

3.     It’s better to not use the eyelash extensions which are lose flexibility after being burned or hot water for applying, because the lashes of lose flexibility are very fragile, and it’s easy to break. It’s already not suitable for applying to eyes.

4.     After applying the eyelash extensions, in order to make the glue to be dry completely, it’s recommended that don’t let the eyelashes hit the water within 1 to 2 hours, just keep the eyelashes dry.

5.     The eyelash extensions after applying to the eye, it should be avoid of the folder, burned and not brush mascara. After all, the eyelash extensions is not same with our own natural eyelashes, it can’t be tossed. If you are keep folding and burning the eyelashes, it will lead to the lashes be cut off or fall off. In addition, if you brush the mascara on eyelashes, it also will be lead to the eyelash fall off from the eyes, because the mascara contains a lot of oil, these oils will appear the chemical effect with the glue, affecting the sticky of glue, and ultimately lead to eyelashes fall off.

6.     Recommend use of soft eye shadow when you painted eyeliner, if the use of eyeliner didn’t control the strength well, it will be easy to scratch the roots of eyelashes, then it will not only damage the eyelash extensions, but also will damage our own natural eyelashes. Generally, it’s recommended don’t use the eyeliner, because it’s difficult to remover, and don’t use the oil makeup products.

7.     When cleansing, please pay attention to the protection of eyelashes, usually only in the roots of the eyelashes flutter with water, with a towel can be dry. If hard rub, it will lead to the eyelashes fall off from eyes.